5 Common Methods Used For The Miracle We Call Childbirth!


Human beings are capable of many things that were once upon a time unthinkable. But, ever since mankind evolved child birth has been the most natural yet miraculous procedure. And that is not an easy job. Women who opt for natural childbirth undergo quite some pain during the labor and most of all during the childbirth. And because of which there are funny comparisons about the pain during child birth.

Today we are going to observe 5 main types of childbirth process that are a very popular choice amongst expecting ladies. Also, we would be talking about the infamous caesarean method of childbirth and why is it called a caesarean.

  1. Vaginal delivery- this process is called the most common and natural way of delivering a child. In this method, the baby is born through the birth canal. It is difficult to know when the expecting mother will go into labor exactly, but the studies show that it happens around the 38-41st weeks of pregnancy. There are many benefits to vaginal delivery and is hence the first choice when it comes to delivery.
  2. Caesarean delivery or C0section delivery- we all have a general notion about this process. This method is usually opted when a mother cannot give birth naturally. Then help of surgical incision is taken. In most of the cases this method is opted in case of any complication. Otherwise mothers prefer natural childbirth.
  3. Vaginal birth after C- section- until few years ago, C-section was the closure to any further vaginal deliveries. But, the surgical techniques have seen many changes in the past few years and that brings back the possibility for vaginal birth even after a caesarean.
  4. Vacuum extraction- the method of vacuum extraction essentially takes place during the course of vaginal birth. An instrument is used that is a soft cup with a handle and a vacuum pump in case of difficulty of delivery. The head of the baby is grasped by the cup and a soft suction is provided that helps the baby out of the birth canal.
  5. Forceps delivery- this is a type of operative vaginal delivery which is again used during the time of vaginal childbirth procedure. The instrument used in this process looks like a pair of large spoons or a salad tong. This instrument is used to help the baby out of the birth canal in case of any difficulty.

Back to the question of how caesarean sections get their name. There have been various arguments that this name has been derived at the time of the birth of the great Julius Caesar. It is said that the C-section was performed for the first time on Julius Caesar’s mother, Aurelia for Caesar himself. In the ancient roman history, caesarean was performed to remove a baby from the mother who died during the procedure of child birth. But, in case of Aurelia the operation was successful and she lived through the childbirth. Well there are many other arguments but his definitely one that is believed the most.