Acne is a skin ailment which includes the oil lymph node at the foundation of hair follicles i.e. a small anatomical gland involved in secretion or excretion. In medical terminology, it is termed as Acne Vulgaris. It usually happens at the time of puberty when the oil lymph node approach to life, the lymph nodes or glands are enthused by male hormones generated by adrenal lymph nodes of human beings i.e. both males and females.

Origination of Acne:

The origin of the word acne is actually started from Greek which means point.

Skin pockmark left on the skin can be dangerous but usually it is not. Human skin has small pores which attach to the lymph nodes positioned beneath the skin. The lymph nodes are associated to the follicles. These lymph nodes fabricate Sebum i.e. an oily liquid. The sebum transmits dead skin cells by the follicles to the exterior of the skin. From skin a small hair develops through the follicle. When these follicles get infertile, pimples starts nurturing which results in an accretion of oil beneath the skin.

In normal course, pimples have a propensity to become visible on the back, face, neck, shoulders and on the chest of a human being.

Normally putting skin cells, hair and sebum can bunch together into a bung, this bung indulges infection with bacteria, which ensue in a swelling. When the bung instigates to break down, a pimple initializes to extend.

As per the skin specialists, in the age of 11-30 years most of the people face acne at some point of time. It may impinge people of all pursuit and ages. It mainly concern teenagers and young people who have now become adults, while there are some people who are in their sixties and still suffering from acne.

Due to testosterone most of the youth and teenagers endure acne for a longer period especially men because in young men testosterone is available in large quantity due to which their skin becomes much shoddier.

As per the researchers the main cause for acne is an increase in androgen levels as it is a kind of hormone.  When a human becomes a youngster there is a mount in androgen level.

Lymph node which is present beneath the skin develops due to increase in androgen levels; the extended gland generates more oil. Bacteria arise or grow due to in excess sebum which collapse cellular walls in your aperture.

Acne can also be hereditary because of propensity to acne. Predisposed person can also lead to acne due to oily cosmetics. Acne can be nurtured for the first time or regularly due to hormonal changes at some point in pregnancy.

ACNE Symptoms:

  • Tiny black and yellow color type wallop that widens on the skin is termed as Blackheads which is a very common symptom.
  • Whiteheads are much analogous manifestation to blackheads but they can be rigid and have a white centre.
  • Small red smack that may feel painful is commonly termed in medical as Papules.
  • Due to development of pus a white tip in the centre is arises which is commonly known as Pustules.

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