ALL ABOUT Dianabol AND ITS Results


Any person must look for the basics of Dianabol before they start using Dbol. The basic thing is that Dianabol is used for increasing the muscle mass and for having a defined look for muscles. Dianabol works similar to that of testosterone. Dianabol Resultscan enhance the muscles and help one in maintaining the muscle mass; one can achieve bulk only with the help of diet and exercises.

Dianabol cycle

When Dianabol is combined with any protein food and increased calories, then one can see results. Dianabol is popular among the bodybuilders and athletes from many years. It has some side effects like water gain but the results one get out of Dianabol when combined with workouts and diet are incredible. Dianabol Results can be achieved by following the basic Dianabol cycles which are suggested are one must start with 30mg dosage for 6 week cycle in the first cycle. Then in second cycle for first five week, then must take 25mg of Dianabol stacked with 42mg of Trenbolone and from sixth week to eighth week, they must go with 42mg of Tren daily. In the third cycle, for first five week, they need to take 40mg of Dianabol with 500mg of test E daily and then from sixth week to twelfth week they need to take 500mg of Test E. For fourth cycle and all six weeks they must go with 25mg of Dianabol stacked with 50mg of Proviron. Fifth cycle, for first five weeks they need to take 30mg of Dianabol with 400mg Trenboline and 500mg Test E. From sixth week they need to take Trenbolone along with 500mg of Test E and from ninth week to fifteenth week they must take 500mg Test E every week.

Post cycle for test levels

Post Dianabolcycleone must add 20mg Nolvadex daily for four weeks and they must also add 100mg Clomid daily for two weeks and then reduce the dose to 50mg and continue for other two weeks. HCG is also added at the end of the cycle and this helps in production of testosterone in the body and it helps in protecting the body against the atrophy of testicular. As Dianabol has the tendency to aromatize, inhibitors must be used to prevent gynecomastia.

Dianabol and stacking

Dianabol can be stacked with other steroids. As Dianabol has the ability to produce strength and gains quickly, it is popular and it is stacked with performance enhancers to show fast results. Dianabol is mostly stacked with testosterone, as injection for nearly for twelve weeks. Most common injectable testosterone are E,Test Prop with Dianabol and Test Cyp. Generally both cycles are started together and then dianabol is stopped after four weeks or six weeks, while testosterone is used for twelve weeks. As dianabol supresses the natural production of testosterone, this cycle of testosterone is continued till the natural production of testosterone is normal. Other Steroid with which Dianabol is stacked is Trenbolone. Along with Dianabol, Trenbolone testosterone is also stacked and it produces amazing results along with side effects. Many people do not stack Testosterone while stacking with Dianabol and Trenbolone, so that they can reduce the side effects. This cycle will be used for eight weeks and it offers great results. Other steroid is Proviron with which Dianabol can be stacked. Men use Dianabol in 30-50mg per day for four to six weeks. When the dose is not exceeded, there will be no side effects.