Anavar and its common side effects


Anavar is the brand name of Oxandrolone belongs to Class I anabolic supplement which has mild androgenic property and it is mostly stacked with Class II compounds like Anadrol or Dianabol. It has been therapeutically used for burns and osteoporosis. Anavar makes the body absorb calcium which increases the bone strength and eventually the bone pain is alleviated. Anavar does a great work in dissolving fat and enhances lean mass muscles. However, a planned diet along with workout regimen only helps to develop a strong physique.

Anavar has the ability to heal the wounds faster which was tested with a rat in 2000. It has the tendency of boosting lung function and decreases breathlessness in Tetraplegia patients. Since Anavar increases the counts of red blood cells athletes use the drug to boost their performance. A research in 2012 showed that severely burned children were improved with muscle strength which has lasted for five years in the post-burn period. It has the restoring capacity to retain the lost lean mass in the burned victims irrespective of their age. Athletic females are extraordinarily benefited by Anavar to increase muscle mass than an athletic man and it is being called as “Testosterone for women”. Even low doses of Anavar impede muscle protein catabolism in AIDS patients and help in burned victims to increase their weight significantly.

Anavar supplements are mild Hypothalamic Pituitary Testicular Axis drugs. It has the tendency to suppress the natural testosterone production at higher doses, so the problem in libido might be experienced. However, it is possible to restore the libido back to normal during the post-Anavar-cycle therapy.

Anavar Side effects:

All anabolic supplements have their own side effects. But Anavar does not make many side effects as other drugs. You will experience side effects such as acne vulgaris, painful erection lasts for many hours, headaches decreased libido with infertility, Hair loss nausea, and vomiting. It has a mild effect on the liver but leads to liver toxicity when used on prolonged cycles.

Dihydrotestosterone is a powerful form of the androgen testosterone. Many anabolic supplements tend to convert to DHT which is linked with many problems such as decreased libido, loss of hair and prostate issues in men. Oxandrolone will not convert DHT since it is already a derivative of DHT.

Women are generally more sensitive to the drug and therefore need smaller doses to see results. Many of the anabolic supplements carry virilization in women such as irregular menstruation, excessive hair growth in the body and enlarged clitoris whereas Anavar is a friendly drug which does not involve with such side effects. If anybody experiences the said symptoms discontinuation is recommended.

Anavar probably decreases the endogenous testosterone levels which depend on the dosage. The reduction in the testosterone reduces the sex drive (libido). However the presence of DHT supports to increase the sex drive, hence decreased libido is experienced rarely. Online stores avail such supplements where the care should be taken on expiry, manufacture and cycle slot. It is not necessary that you will experience side effects by Anavar; however, it is advisable to interact with your physician before starting such anabolic drugs.