Clean and Green: Top Benefits of Microfiber Cleaning Materials

Clean and Green: Top Benefits of Microfiber Cleaning Materials

Microfiber is a nylon and polyester fiber used to make fabrics. If multiple microfibers are joined together into a piece of cloth, they form a net-like exterior that can trap and absorb dirt,  moisture, and other particles.

That is why microfibers are mainly used in most of the cleaning tasks today. If you’re wondering what microfiber can do, read on below to discover the importance of this innovation:

Sturdy Cleaning Material

Microfiber cloths are not just incredibly soft; they’re also robust and durable because microfibers carry a large number of loops per square inch. More so, high-quality microfiber cloths contain 200,000 strands of fiber each square inch.

The thickness of fibers can endure recurring washes. Besides, microfibres are also a perfect alternative to towels and other fabrics on the market.

The small fibers also allow microfiber cloths to clean the soft surfaces safely which would oppositely be scratched by more intrusive cleaning procedures such as on eyeglasses, mobile phones, as well as computer and laptop monitors without leaving lint, smudges, and scratches on the screen.

Preventing Cross-Contamination

One of the essential reasons for using microfiber is to stop the cross-contamination between floors, rooms, or buildings. It’s especially true for doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other healthcare departments. Transferring bacteria and germs from one place to another can put the other patients at risk of developing further health issues.

Though some offices use the same cleaning rags and mop heads for multiple rooms, others require a separate set of cloth products for every room. Those sets are put on a particular cleaning cart compartment to wash later on.

Green Cleaning Efficient

Due to the unique structure of microfiber cloths, they can save chemical and water usage during the cleaning process since they are efficient at eliminating dirt, dust, and bacteria.

Microfiber cloths are changing the way of cleaning as they are highly resilient and reusable, reducing wastage and costs from paper towels and other cleaning products.

The sturdy microscopic fibers can also absorb large volumes of liquid at a faster speed, eliminate dust better than a feather dusters, and clean more efficiently than paper towels.

Healthier Cleaning

Though chemical cleaners make the surfaces pleasant and clean-smelling, cleaning products may contain some of the most toxic substances in households.

Furthermore, most chemicals in cleaning products may affect our health negatively. It can cause skin and eye irritation, and it can be lethal if ingested. Some substances are even related to long-term health consequences, like hormone disruption and cancer.

But since microfiber cloths don’t require the use of chemical products, people are not exposed to harmful substances when cleaning. Microfiber cloth is also hypoallergenic, making it safe for people with asthma or allergies to use without irritation.


Microfiber is an excellent cleaning agent which attracts and retains a variety of organic soils and dust. If these pollutants are not removed efficiently by the cleaning process, there will be fast deterioration in laundering efficiency and heightened health risk for room occupants.

So, if you think that you need healthy and efficient cleaning, consider purchasing a microfiber cleaning material from Deal Wiki and other online sites to help you achieve those benefits above.