Health benefits of liposuction


Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure people undergo for weight loss purposes. However little do they know that it offers various health benefits too. Read on to learn more about these health benefits.

Reduces blood fat levels

Research has proven that those who had undergone liposuction with high fat levels (triglycerides) showed as much as 43% reduction in the fat levels in three months’ time. This is about twice the reduction people get by taking cholesterol lowering medications.

A healthier lifestyle

Patients who have undergone laser liposuction are motivated to stay fit because of their improved bodies. Their increased awareness of nutrition makes them get engaged in an exercise program and to follow a healthy diet.

Reduces number of inflammatory cells

Research has also proven that liposuction helps reduce the number of inflammatory cells by about 11%. This proves beneficial to an individual as inflammatory cells are associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. So a reduction in these cells leads to a reduced risk of heart or cardiovascular disease.

Improves self-esteem, sex and happiness

Liposuction also offers some positive psychological benefits where some people turn out to be someone completely different after the liposuction. This is mainly attributed to the complete change in not only your physical outlook but also within yourself.

You tend to walk differently and carry yourself different because of your new and increased self confidence and esteem levels. This is why an increasing number of people looking for a new career or position turn to liposuction to give them that physical edge and improved self-esteem levels which is not measured in lost inches or pounds

Improves posture and mobility

Another benefit of lipostion is that it helps improve mobility by reducing fat pockets in those body parts with limited mobility like thighs, knees and hips. By reducing these fat pockets, you enjoy better physical activities and consequent better health.

Moreover, laser liposuction of the abdominal and mid-section helps improve the posture and discomfort that may have developed from hunching forward because of the stomach fat bulge.

Many even find it more comfortable driving or sitting at the desk after the removal of mid-section and abdominal fat through laser liposuction. Though minor, these improvements cannot be overlooked as they all lead to improved quality in health.

So if you are thinking of undergoing laser liposuction, you will be happy to know that liposuction offers many more benefits than help with mere weight loss.