Helpful Bariatric Surgeries To Battle The Bulge


Excessive weight is never good for anyone. It can cause multiple problems to the body and internal organs. Bariatric surgery is one of the popular methods of losing weight. It includes methods like sleeve gastrectomy, adjustable gastric band, gastric bypass, and also biliopancreatic diversion. People who are excessively heavy and cannot effectively use the normal weight loss methods opt for this surgery. Bariatric surgery induces weight loss by restricting the entry of food in the body. It sometimes causes hormonal changes.

Why chose bariatric process

The main aim of bariatric surgery is reducing the size of the stomach so that a small amount of food goes into the body and thereby it becomes easier to lose weight. The restrictive surgery makes it practically impossible to eat because you feel full after eating only a little. All these operations are minimally invasive which saves on time and money.

Gastric band surgery

In this method of bariatric surgery a silicone band is tied around the stomach’s upper part.  The band turns the stomach into a pouch with an outlet of around an inch. It ensures that the stomach cannot hold more than one ounce of food. The silicone band has a plastic tube of saline water running around it. When saline water is injected in the tube the band gets tighter and can be loosened when required.

Results of the gastric band surgery

The gastric band surgery is one of the most successful and safest ones performed. The patient can be released within a day of the surgery.  Even though the result varies, it can be expected to lead to about 45% weight loss for a person weighing 100 kilos. This minimally invasive technique can be reversed at any point of time if the person faces discomfort. The bariatric weight loss surgery cost in India is quite reasonable in comparison to the costs abroad.

Side-effects of the procedure

This procedure hardly has any post-operative complications. The process of weight loss in this case is slow and you will have to stick to the diet and exercise regime. At no point of time can the patient overeat because it can dilate the esophagus. The tightness of the band can sometimes make you feel a little nauseated. But it does not hinder in the absorption of food and causes any vitamin deficiency.

Gastric bypass surgery

The gastric bypass surgery is the second-most popular bariatric surgery which is done using minimally invasive techniques. This process involves creating a small pouch in the intestine which can accommodate only very small meals. The amount of calorie consumption is therefore less and the body can suitably lose up to 80% of the body’s weight. It also creates changes in the gut hormones so that appetite is reduced and the body gets a feeling of being full. The gastric bypass surgery cost in India is reasonable considering that it involves a proper surgical procedure instead of the introduction of a foreign object in the body. Patients, however, have to stay in the hospital for a longer period of time.