HGH- Human Growth Hormone is produced in the body naturally by the pituitary gland. When it is produced in the normal levels, HGH is safe to use. When the pituitary gland which produces and secretes the growth hormone is not functioning properly or is defective, then the levels of Human Growth Hormone will be low, and it causes less growth and disturbs many other functions in the body.

HGH and its production in body

Human Growth Hormone is generally secreted and produced in the body by the endocrine system by the pituitary gland. This endocrine system has many glands like Thyroid, Parathyroid, Adrenals, Pancreas, Testes, Ovaries and Pineal gland along with Pituitary. Each gland has a particular job and all that glands together make the endocrine system. This system effects every cell in the human body. They control the growth of the hair, bones, body composition and emotions and reactions. Glands are needed for secretions. Pituitary gland produces many hormones like Adrenocorticotropin -ACTH, Corticotropin, and Gonadotropins. When the pituitary gland does not produce sufficient levels of growth hormone, then they need stimulators. The supplements like injection has been FDA approved however must be used only with prescription and under supervision of the experts. Else they may lead to side effects and serious reactions as they react with the other drugs.

Side effects with the HGH levels

When HGH is used under the direction of a doctor and is carefully used, it is safe. But it is used illegally by many bodybuilders and other athletes; it leads to many side effects and adverse reactions. HGH levels may become high which is one of the side effects of HGH. The side effects will be different in women, men, and children and depends on dose and the HGH brand used. It also depends on the frequency. The most common side effects are tunnel syndrome, pains in joints and muscle pains, nerve pains. There are swelling in tissues and it is called Edema. Sometimes there will be tingling and numbness in skin and HGH may result in high levels of cholesterol.

HGH and its benefits

The use of HGH injections is illegal and is banned in many countries, with which many are looking for safe and legal methods to increase the HGH levels through dietary supplements. The dietary supplements help in enhancing the production of HGH by supporting the functioning of the gland. While going for any dietary supplements one must buy it from any famous manufactures and check the ingredients in it. It must be of high quality. If it contains amino acids then it is a best supplement and these are safe to use. It is best to consider a physician and then check the levels of growth hormone in the body and then use supplements. Avoid supplements which do not show the list of ingredients. While using the supplement follow the instructions which are given on the label. It will be safe if the supplementation is started with low dosage and then increased slowly.