Taking a Closer Look at the Anti-Aging Double Serum: Does it Really Work?


Contrary to popular belief, facial serums feature a vastly different composition when compared side-by-side with traditional moisturisers.

Moisturisers contain a bevy of thickeners, creams, and hydrating agents to condition the outermost layer of your skin whereas serums are essentially an intricate concoction of cell-communicating ingredients, anti-aging compounds, and complex antioxidants to manipulate the fundamental makeup of your complexion. In this regard, it’s important to note that high-end moisturisers will contain some of these vital amalgams but there is simply not enough room in the bottle to include an adequate amount of serum compounds and targeted antioxidants, which implies that even the best-rated moisturisers do little more than hydrate your skin.

As such, serums are not intended to replace your daily moisturiser or hydrating cream but they represent the first and most important step in terms of maintaining healthy, wholesome, and vibrant-looking skin in today’s day and age.

This brief article will dive a bit deeper into this contemporary product and show you how to obtain complete age control with the new anti-aging serum that just hit the market.

What Is the Double Serum?

The modernised double serum features a unique combination of hydric and lipidic compounds that are housed in two separate compartments within the bottle. Each independent compartment contains an inimitable mixture of all-natural anti-aging plant extracts, turmeric amalgams, and turmerone concentrations to effect visibly smoother and more balanced skin.

The hydric and lipidic system has been proven to mimic the organic balance between water and fat in healthy skin, which effectively nourishes your epidermis and prepares it for a follow-up application of your daily moisturiser.

How Do I Use the Double Serum?

The partitioned bottle reinforces freshness and maintains the molecular integrity of each distinctive serum, which means that you have the power to mix and blend the contents of each compartment to account for your unique skin type. To achieve desirable results, just follow the simple progression shown below:

  1. Rotate the dial on the bottle to select the appropriate dosage of hydric and lipidic serums for your skin.
  2. Mix the two compounds in your hand to ensure a well-blended composition.
  3. Apply the mixture to your face and neck before applying your regular moisturiser.
  1. After the serum is fully absorbed, feel free to apply an adequate amount of your daily hydrating cream to complete your skin care regimen.

What Are the Benefits of the Double Serum?

Based on a myriad of clinical studies and years of documented testimonials, double serums are able to provide numerous regenerative benefits:

  • Firmer skin
  • Immediate decrease in the depth and significance of wrinkles
  • Restored complexion
  • Increased radiance and healthful glow
  • Diminished appearance of unsightly pores and age spots
  • Augmented response to moisturisers and hydrating creams

As you might imagine by now, weaving a double serum into your daily routine is the best way to enhance your skin’s appearance and finally conquer the detriments associated with aging once and for all.