What are vitamins?


Vitamins play very importent role in our life. They help to maintain our metabolism. Vitamins help to provide energy in cell and help to growth and development of cells.

What is RDA (Recomonded Daily Allounce)?

As per WHO (World Health Organization) everybody need to take some nutriente every day that is RDA. Its can be changed accourding to coundition of people.

For Example RDA of Vit C  for normal person is 60mg per day but if person take smoking then hes need to take 25mg Vit C per cigrate extra.

Which Vitamins are good? Organic or Sinthatic?

According to scientific research both vitamins are seems same but as per result they have much difference. Organic vitamins are easily and 100% absorbe in our body.

Do you know?

Vitamins works much batter if minerals is there.

Best time to take vitamins when you taking meal.

Fat based vitamins like Vit A/ Vita cerotin, E, D always take before meal or water based vitamins like Vit B complex, C, F always take with meal.

Some vitamins will be maked by our body. Our body never generate any mineral.